Our employees bliss and ideas are important for us to have a happy and loyal customer mass. Our aim for the human resources is to gather the individuals who have the effective information data with the thought of the total quality management and to reach the qualified work force. Our firm adopts sharing the authorities and responsibilities with the principle of team work and planning according to the strategies and specified targets as the principles.

If you like to join us, you will have chosen to work in an environment full of people,
- who embrace that the success has nothing to do with coincidence but has to do with devoting himself,
- who believe in personal development and counts on the intellectual capital which can transfer corporate development,
- who have the ability to deal with the confusions in this rapidly changing competing business world,
- who are single-minded, determined, productive and focused on the target.

When you join Kule Direk, you will lead a bright career in a company in which you can feel the distinction, the targets become reality and which is a leader in the sector and grows successfully both in domestic and foreign market.

You can apply for the job online or by calling.